Accounts Payable Software

Simplify your payments process

  • Take invoice processing from hours to minutes
  • Schedule automated payments so you never pay late fees
  • Eliminate manual data entry of bills and improve data accuracy
  • Sync to your current accounting & inventory systems
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Trusted by brands all over Canada

Time is money, why not save both?

Close the loop on your accounting and inventory management systems.

Send and receive bills and invoices

  • Increase on-time payments and improve cash flow
  • Send and store invoices digitally
  • Send digital payment links to customers
  • Allow customers to access full invoice history

Dual-sync into your existing systems

  • Automatically sync data with your accounting, ERP and IMS systems
  • Streamline cash application and reconciliation
  • Simple GL coding
  • Reduce your software platforms

Push and pull payments

  • Bring your payments online
  • Securely store customer payment info
  • Process and automate credit card, EFT, PAD, and ACH payments
  • Auto-collect or schedule payments
  • Auto-send expired card reminders

I would advocate for this technology to anyone in our industry who is still putting pen to paper. While we still do business the old-fashioned way, we’re using technology to help us do our jobs quicker and less administratively.

Stacey Weisberg
President, The Butcher Shoppe

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