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Streamline your restaurant operations.

Manage your orders, invoices, and payments in one app.

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Reduce manual entry by hours every week.

Streamline your operations, from order placement to invoice payments. Your operations. Smooth. Profitable.

Centralized ordering

notch simplifies the purchasing process by bringing it online. Enjoy peace of mind with centralized digital ordering for your entire team. No more duplicate orders. Plus, convenient chat with suppliers and real-time order confirmations. Ordering made simple.

Real-time visibility

Get line-of-sight into all purchases. See order status and order details. Verify what was delivered and alert suppliers immediately about errors and shorts on the spot. Check credit notices and outstanding payments. Rest at ease with entire your purchasing process.

Easy, digital invoices

Say 'goodbye' to paper invoices and manual entry. With digital invoices, you can process, approve, and pay all your invoices. All online. No more manual entry. Control approval of each transaction to stay on top of your cash flow. Quickly see and resolve invoice issues in real-time - no more chasing down credit memos.

Connected systems

Connect your purchasing to your existing restaurant inventory management and accounting systems, including Optimum Control, Sculpture, Compeat, QuickBooks and Sage. No more manually entering all the inventory and invoices in multiple locations. One smooth and seamless process.

Saving restaurants $12,000+/year.

See how much time and money notch can save you today.

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Making operation managers' lives a bit easier...

"notch has made a significant change in the daily operations of the business. It has simplified the sourcing and ordering process of the ingredients needed to make our products. Their customer support service is always willing to help with our inquiries, with a fast response and great attitude."

Start saving time and money.

See how notch can save you both.

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