This brewery licensee guide provides 5 key steps to take to grow your brewery’s licensees sales

  • How to generate local partnership opportunities
  • How to hire a brewery salesperson that’ll help expand your business
  • How to simplify administrative tasks like bookkeeping
  • How to take advantage of smaller-scale or seasonal opportunities
  • How to make yourself a better distributor to work with for your licensees

Who is this brewery licensee guide for?

  • Brewery owners
  • Brewery operators or managers
  • Head brewers

Growing Brewery Licensees Guide Preview

Introducing your latest and greatest brew to a new community of craft beer lovers is one of the great joys of operating your own brewery. And, of course, expanding your audience is also an excellent way of boosting sales. 

One of the mainstays of the craft brewing scene in this regard has been cultivating a base of on-premises licensees. Building up a base of restaurants and bars that carry your brews has been one of the most reliable and effective ways for breweries to increase and diversify sales. It’s also been a great way for brewers to build a larger community and collaborate on creative opportunities together. 

In an era of rising rents and costs, this strategy is more important than ever, but also more challenging. General economic conditions are seeing fewer people going out to eat and, crucially, to drink. Sales are up for drive-thru, takeout, and delivery, while in-house sales continue their slump. While margins for many restaurants are getting tighter, so too are they for breweries, with rising costs for malts, cans, and hops making every bottle, glass, and keg of beer you can sell that much more important. 

Nevertheless, growing your on-premises licensee base is an excellent way to continue to find creative opportunities for collaboration and weather challenging economic times. Building a broader community around your brand diversifies your revenue streams and builds dependable demand.

It’s important to lean into this tough economic situation. Like sailors tacking when the wind is against them, knowing how to turn headwinds to your advantage is essential to the growth of success of any business. Here are five ways to help grow your licensee base and find opportunities to grow your community.

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