This comprehensive restaurant operations and profitability guide covers:

  • How to minimize busywork to focus on high-value activities
  • How to minimize accounting errors
  • How to cut down on waste
  • How to maximize your menu for profitability
  • How to use restaurant operations technology to your advantage

Who is this restaurant profitability guide for?

  • Restaurant operations leaders
  • Restaurant owners
  • Executive chefs

Restaurant Operations and Profitability Guide Preview

The restaurant business has always been tough, but times today are about as tough as they’ve ever been. The food business has tight margins, and there often isn’t much wiggle room when it comes to pricing or net profits. 

Improving your profitability is crucial to weathering tough economic conditions and positioning yourself for future success. Ultimately there are two ways to go about it: increase prices or decrease costs. Increasing prices is a nice idea, but it’s easier said than done. Plus, it’s inherently competitive, making it more challenging. 

For many restaurants, bringing up prices to increase profits is off the table. They’re often part of the social fabric of their communities and are fixtures of the neighborhood, so raising prices may not only be unworkable but may feel unfair. Many restaurants raise prices anyway because it can be difficult to make operations more efficient. Food costs are high and largely fixed, and finding opportunities to reduce costs through efficiency can require a change in both mindset and practices.

But, reducing your costs is a safer bet. The major monetary costs, like food waste, wages, and inventory are well-known. But time savings and ways of reducing your costs in terms of effort can be just as important and are less well-explored. In general, to lower your net time and money costs, you have to either do new things without adding more time, become more efficient at what you already do, or figure out how to save money while doing either of those.

Here are five steps to reduce your time and money costs and accomplish more with the same resources.

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