We’d Like to Re-Introduce Ourselves

May 9, 2021

ChefHero is now notch.

We’ve changed our name and colours, but our core quality of service and solutions remain the same.

Well, that’s not completely true.

From today forward, our commitment to you is even stronger.
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Why The Name Change?

Today marks an exciting day for us. Since starting ChefHero, our focus has always been on you, our restaurant and distributor partners. Over the past few years we’ve spent all our waking hours building the company of our dreams, by trying to build the solution of your dreams.

About 2020

The last year for us has been one of incredible transformation against a challenging background you’re all too familiar with.

At the beginning of the global pandemic, we faced the same situation as many of you, one where we woke up one day to a completely different reality for foodservice businesses. In the face of such daunting changes, we did what all of you did; We rolled up our sleeves and went to work on the business we love.

In the last year, we’ve added hundreds of new restaurant partners, opened up the ability for you to use our product with anyone you want to, added chat capability, launched Connect, software designed specifically to meet the needs of foodservice distributors, and most importantly, stood side by side with our proud partners during the hardest time the foodservice industry has ever experienced.
During this time, we realized what we were really good at—helping  businesses consolidate and optimize their complex and unique processes bringing their operations online. We’re not just a place to find and sell foodservice supplies; we’re the experts at making this part of your business run faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The Other Side

After the remarkable year we’ve had as ChefHero, we took a hard look at ourselves. What we saw was a team who’d walked through the fire, alongside our partners, and come out the other side, better than before. It was hard to even recognize ourselves.
That’s why now is the right time. Starting today, you can call us notch. It’s not just a new word or a brand new colour, it’s a name who represents who we truly are. It’s a name that represents who you are. It represents our partnerships, our relentless celebration of service, and of the industry we spend all our waking hours looking to support.

Hello. It’s great to meet you, again.

Why “notch?”

notch, the platform is an essential tool and connection point that brings precision to the chaos of ordering food service supplies. But you knew that already. Why notch?

The name notch is a tribute to the industry we love, and one that we feel expresses how our tools fit in with our partner’s businesses and to pay homage to those who live their passion for foodservice every day.

The Knife

The name notch speaks to how you, our partners have told us you use our tools.

Just as the notch on a knife guides a chef through the most crucial parts of their process, helps you get a comfortable grip when chopping, shows you where to finish honing and sharpening the blade, we want our tool to continue to be just that—part of your day to day, effortless, supportive and always there for you.

The Logo

At its sharpest angle, a typical western chef’s knife is ground to 22 degrees. This angle is meant to be keen, but also versatile, able to cut through the hardest objects while still maintaining its edge. The notch logo reflects this industry standard, a precision-led word mark able to cut through the chaos.

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 6.35.45 PM.png

Our Partners are Our Inspiration.

We’ve built our company and our tools from the ground up with your help. Without you, there would be no notch. The fingerprints of our foodservice distributors and restaurants are built into the code and DNA of all of notch’s tools.

We take pride in being a constructive part of an industry that celebrates quality, experimentation, diversity, and the primal love of food.
We take pride in being a constructive part of an industry that celebrates quality, experimentation, diversity, and the primal love of food.

Okay, so what changes for me?

Right now, very little other than our name, logo and colours changes; this change is about us bringing our best version of ourselves to you, and we want to make this as easy as possible. Here’s what it means for your day-to-day.

  • You can continue to use order.chefhero.com to get to your order desk, or connect.chefhero.com to login to Connect. With time, this will switch to order.notchordering.com and connect.notchordering.com, but until you get used to it, we’ll automatically send you to the right place.
  • You can still send emails to us at our chefhero.com email address. Our support team will answer emails at support@chefhero.com and at support@notchordering.com, but you’ll get your emails from notchordering.com
  • Your statements from the bank will continue to say “Vendorhero Inc.” but within the next month will be updated to say “Vendorhero Inc. / NOTCH.”
  • Vendorhero is still our legal name, and we can accept payment with this name (but we’d prefer notch. It just sounds nicer.)
  • We’ve put together a list of your questions answered here in our list of Frequently Asked Questions
I love the new name. Can I have a t-Shirt?

We have a few extras kicking around. Ask your partner manager to see if we have your size available 🙂