Bills & Invoice Management

Pay bills and get invoices paid, faster

Notch provides a seamless payments experience for the payor and the payee, so companies can keep their payments process quick, automated, and accurately documented.

Replaces: Benjipays, Dext
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New Feature
Payment Portals

Provide your customers a seamless experience for managing payments

With Payment Portals, your customers can view an up-to-date record of their invoices, pay bills, and manage payment methods all in one place, on demand. Give your customers a world-class payments experience and streamline your accounts receivable process. It’s a win-win.

OCR scanning app

Process invoices as fast as snapping a photo

Say goodbye to time-consuming stacks of paper invoices. Upload or snap a photo of your invoice and Notch will automatically apply the GL code, and sync with your IMS, ERP and accounting systems. Powered by AI, reviewed by humans.

Paperless Invoice Management

Set the record straight with a complete list of past and current invoices

Uploading your invoices in Notch keeps an accurate, up-to-date record of all your invoices, providing a source of truth and analytics to inform better decisions. Rest assured that all your invoices and bills are backed up in Notch in the event of an audit.

Embedded payment links

Bring bill payments online and get paid

Notch's embedded emailed payment links allow customers to pay online and securely provide their payment details for future payments. Unlock key features like scheduled payments, auto-reminders and unsuccessful payment reattempt to get paid reliably, on time.

Customer invoices & bills portal

Provide customers a record of past and current invoices

Notch helps you provide a better customer payment experience. With payment links, customers can access a list of their past and current invoices and bills paid. Benefit from streamlined communication, and more on-time payments.

Notch has made my work easier by saving me time, and most importantly allows me to focus on customer service instead of just the numbers. As a General Manager, we don’t just want to spend our time invoicing, we want to spend time with our customers – it’s the main part of our business.

Oleksandra Stamenova
General Manager, Box’d by Paramount

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