Earlier this month, we announced that Wisk and Notch are officially joining forces to offer a complete restaurant management and operations experience. This partnership is especially exciting as it’ll revolutionize the way restaurant businesses operate by offering innovative solutions that streamline processes and unlock untapped potential for growth.

To celebrate this partnership, Angelo Esposito, Co-Founder and CEO of Wisk, hosted Jordan Huck, CEO of Notch, on the podcast Wisking It All.

Keep reading for the key points from Angelo and Jordan’s discussion. And be sure to listen to the full episode here. 

The beginnings of Notch

While Notch is now an accounts payable and accounts receivable automation platform for the food and beverage industry, it didn’t start that way. In Notch’s first iteration, it was actually known as Chef Hero. The company’s original goal was to democratize the food and beverage supply chain through a marketplace model.

The big pivot

Understanding when to pivot is not easy. It wasn’t immediately obvious that Notch needed to change its direction entirely. Jordan shares on Wisking It All that speed is paramount for startups looking to achieve incredibly fast growth. However, speed can be the enemy when undergoing a huge shift in your product. 

It soon became apparent that this approach wasn’t going to get the company where it needed to be. Through enlightening conversations with customers, Jordan and the leadership team uncovered the true pain in the food and beverage industry: fragmented supply chains and payment processing.

Food services businesses have issues keeping track of invoices, managing multiple suppliers and paying bills on time. Food and beverage distributors have challenges getting paid and automating their receivables process. We were determined to fill this gap.

The team recognized that they had to slow down to be able to move ahead quickly after having spent the last few years going fast at all costs and the team doubling down on going to market as fast as possible. 

Notch today

Today, Notch is growing into a leading accounting automation platform for the food and beverage industry. With more features being added every week, the platform has come a long way from its humble MVP beginnings.

Jordan shared how the team at Notch intentionally started methodically in the beginning, so that it could run. Now, Notch is made up of a team of talented “builders”. People who are all excited and passionate about building something really great. We pride ourselves on hiring for culture. Our teams and team members are excellent at self-managing and know what needs to get done. 

Wisk and Notch partnership

The Wisk and Notch partnership is exciting for both teams. Wisk’s leading restaurant management platform is rounded out by Notch’s automated accounts payable system. Together, the two can transform the way restaurant and food service businesses operate. With more efficiencies, better data, fewer errors and ultimately more profits.

Read more about the partnership in this press release.

Listen to the full episode using the links below.