The accounting and payment processes for food service distributors and wholesalers are complex due to the sheer volume of transactions they have to process on a daily basis. Typical challenges that arise include managing sales orders, tracking inventory levels, collecting payments from customers, and reconciling accounts between different parties involved in the transaction chain. 

QuickBooks Online is an accounting software designed to help small businesses manage their finances more efficiently by automating bookkeeping tasks such as invoicing and billing customers, tracking expenses and reconciling banking statements.

As a wholesale food and beverage distributor, optimizing your use of QuickBooks Online can help alleviate these issues, by providing automated accounting features such as invoicing tools, expense tracking capabilities and custom reporting options which allow distributors to streamline their operations and gain better insights into their business performance. 

Read on to learn about the benefits of using Quickbooks Online, helpful integrations, how to overcome common errors, and implement all the best practices to ensure you are making the most out of this software. 

Benefits of using QuickBooks Online for wholesale distributors 

QuickBooks Online is an excellent choice for wholesale food and beverage distributors because it provides a comprehensive suite of accounting tools that are designed with their unique needs in mind. With QuickBooks, distributors can manage sales orders, track inventory levels, create invoices, collect payments from customers and reconcile accounts between different parties involved in the transaction chain—all while keeping accurate financial records updated in real-time. 

Additionally, QuickBooks Online offers various pricing plans to meet the demands of businesses of all sizes. For example, the Self Employed Plan is ideal for smaller operations with limited staff and budget constraints; whereas the Plus Plan provides more robust features such as advanced reporting options and automated backup services at a higher price point. 

In addition to providing helpful financial management features, QuickBooks Online also offers several advantages over other accounting software solutions on the market today. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to use even for novice users who have no prior accounting experience or knowledge; this eliminates the need for costly training sessions or hiring dedicated accountants and bookkeepers to operate the system. 

Further, QuickBooks’ cloud-based architecture allows users to access their data anywhere they have an internet connection so long as they’re logged into their accounts – making it incredibly convenient for operators who are constantly on-the-go or managing multiple locations simultaneously. 

Integrations with QuickBooks Online

Another great benefit of utilizing QuickBooks Online as a wholesaler, is the ability to integrate with other business software solutions. This can be a great way to streamline operations and gain greater insights into the financial performance of wholesale food and beverage distribution businesses.

Accounts Receivable Management 

Accounts receivable integrations with QuickBooks can maximize the benefits you receive from your accounting software. These integrations allow businesses to automatically update customer records when payments are received or invoices are issued; this eliminates manual data entry tasks and reduces the risk of errors, to better monitor their accounts receivables.

Notch’s Accounts Receivable Solution allows distributors to automate processes related to accounts receivables so they can be better organized when dealing with customers’ payments across multiple channels including credit cards and ACH transfers. Notch’s AR manager also automatically charges customers on the date the invoice is due – reducing the amount of manual follow-up required to collect payments. The integration provides an easy way for them to keep track of all sales data from one centralized platform which makes managing customer invoices easier than ever before.

Additionally, these types of integrations enable users to easily generate detailed reports which provide an overview of their customers’ payment activities—allowing them to better monitor their accounts receivables.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is another important aspect that can be greatly improved by integrating with QuickBooks Online. This type of integration will allow wholesalers to track inventory levels in real-time and receive automated notifications when stock needs replenishing; this helps ensure they never run out of products while also reducing time spent manually counting items or trying to locate specific items in storage rooms. 

To make the most of QuickBooks software, it’s important to choose an inventory management system that can integrate seamlessly. Some of the most popular options for food distributors include Fishbowl, Acctivate, and SOS Inventory. These systems sync into your QuickBooks system, and offer features such as barcode scanning, lot tracking, and order fulfillment, which can help streamline the inventory management process.

By choosing an inventory management system that integrates with QuickBooks, food distributors can ensure that their financial records are accurate and up-to-date, while also improving their overall efficiency and productivity. Check out the features and pricing for top inventory systems below.

Inventory Management SystemFeaturesPricing
FishbowlInventory tracking, barcode scanning, order management, lot tracking, manufacturingStarting at $4,395 (one-time) or $395/month
AcctivateInventory tracking, order management, purchasing, manufacturing, lot tracking, serial number trackingStarting at $4,995 (one-time) or $160/month
SOS InventoryInventory tracking, order management, purchasing, manufacturing, lot tracking, serial number trackingStarting at $299/month
TradeGeckoInventory tracking, order management, purchasing, manufacturing, lot tracking, serial number tracking, B2B eCommerceStarting at $79/month
SkuVaultInventory tracking, order management, picking and packing, lot tracking, serial number tracking, B2B eCommerceStarting at $499/month

Tips for optimizing QuickBooks Online

In order to optimize QuickBooks Online for a wholesale food and beverage distribution business, it is important to automate as many of the bookkeeping tasks as possible, and utilize QuickBooks built-in templates to save time.

Automating tasks

Automation helps reduce the amount of time spent manually entering data while also reducing errors and ensuring accuracy throughout the entire accounting and reconciliation process. Ultimately, automation reduces your workload, and allows you to leverage technology to direct your time towards more valuable manual work. 

Specifically, automating processes related to accounts receivable processes allows distributors to streamline operations, so they can be more organized when dealing with customers’ payments across different channels including credit cards and ACH transfers. 

Integrations like Notch’s Accounts Receivable Solution allow you to set up automatic reminders for invoices that are overdue, schedule payments in advance, or create recurring transactions such as bills and payroll so they only need to be entered once. This integration allows businesses in the wholesale food & beverage industry to access real-time updates on customer payments directly from within the account dashboard, making managing finances easier than ever before.

Managing tax forms and filing returns

QuickBooks Online also offers several tools that allow businesses to save time when it comes to completing tax forms and filing returns. The software has built-in templates that accurately calculate sales tax based on customer location making it easy for distributors who ship goods across multiple regions or states. It also provides a streamlined way to export reports from various accounts into formats such as Excel spreadsheets or PDFs which makes submitting information required by government agencies much faster than traditional methods of record-keeping would allow for. 

A customized experience with Notch

Overall, QuickBooks Online is an incredibly powerful accounting solution for wholesale food and beverage distributors. With its ability to integrate with other business software solutions such as accounts receivable integrations and inventory management systems, the software can be customized for your specific needs. This customization helps streamline operations through convenience and greater efficiency, and can reduce operational costs associated with high days sales outstanding or inaccurate inventory data. 

By integrating Notch’s Accounts Receivable Solution with QuickBooks, distributors can automate much of the bookkeeping process while also gaining access to advanced fraud protection tools and customizable invoice templates. Additionally, they can take advantage of automated payment reminders and data collection/analysis capabilities which help them better understand customer spending patterns over time. 

Utilizing all the features QuickBook offers, together with integrations allows operators to better manage their finances and gain valuable insights into how their business is performing. This makes QuickBooks Online an ultimate choice for wholesale food and beverage distributors!