[Toronto, ON] – Notch Financial and Navi Inc. are excited to announce their partnership, which entails a seamless integration of Navi’s restaurant inventory management platform and Notch’s accounts payable solution. Specifically designed to meet the unique needs of restaurant owners, this integration will enhance business efficiency and profitability for their respective customers. The service offering will focus on three core areas for managing restaurant costs: invoices, product cost control and supplier invoice payments.

Navi’s Invoice Capture feature aims to take out the labour intensive effort of invoice entry, by using a mobile application to capture invoices directly from your phone into the platform. In addition, their product cost control offering allows end users a central place to see all of their key information, such as daily and weekly sales metrics, labour spend, product cost trends and more. 

Navi and Notch Financial come together with supplier invoice payments, helping restaurant owners move towards automation and reduce manual entry by approximately 6 hours every week. By partnering with Notch’s accounts payable module, the Navi application can now provide: accounts payable automation, payment receipts and delegation of authority/workflow approvals. 

David Hopkins, President of Navi Inc., brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this exciting partnership. With over 30 years of dedicated service in the hospitality industry, David has seamlessly blended his extensive background in senior management and financial/accounting roles to become a true restaurant profitability expert. 

“We are incredibly excited to be working with Notch on this partnership.  Technology in restaurants is meant to make the owners’ and managers’ lives easier – not more complicated.   This is what the Navi and Notch platforms do.  Navi is by far the simplest tool to control product costs and Notch makes managing supplier payments a streamlined, easy-to-execute function.  This pairing allows your team to spend their time managing the guest experience – not spend hours in the office trying to manage administrative functions.” – David Hopkins, President of Navi Inc. 

“We could not be more elated and proud of our new Partnership with Navi Cost Control. Our sync will offer restaurant clients the ability to streamline their accounts payables and billing cycles with the click of a button. Product cost control with Navi has never been easier and Notch’s Accounts Payable automation brings old school, and antiquated payment practices into the twentieth century.”  – Dylan Erlendson, Vice President of Sales at Notch

For more information about Navi and Notch’s partnership, please contact Dylan Erlendson at derlendson@notch.financial.

About Navi

Navi is the simple cost control platform built for restaurants and the people that run them. The platform is designed to be by far, the simplest product cost control tool in the marketplace.  The entire cost control process takes a fraction of the time compared to other systems, meaning management can spend more time focussed on the guest experience instead of in the office.  The Navi system provides incredible menu engineering tools and dashboards the three main areas that are the prime contributors to a restaurant’s profitability: Revenue, Product Cost Control and  Labour Cost Control.

To learn more about Navi, visit https://www.navicostcontrol.com/

About Notch

Notch is an innovative financial technology company that provides cutting-edge solutions for restaurants. Reducing the barriers to connect restaurants and distributors, using their existing systems, Notch aims to make foodservice better for everyone. Simplifying managing orders, reconciling invoices and process payments, Notch, an all-in-one platform gives restaurant owners and their staff the tools needed to automate manual tasks required to run and grow their business.

To learn more about Notch, visit https://www.notch.financial/

Media Contact for Notch

Zunaira Karim
Director of Demand Generation at Notch Financial

Media Contact for Navi Inc.

Chris Jamieson
Director, Business Development + Marketing