Your search is over. You identified that your accounting team could benefit from streamlining its processes and getting more efficient. You did your research, and you’ve landed on upgrading your accounting tech stack with accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) automation.

Like many industries, accounting and payments are moving towards digitization and automation. Companies that don’t adapt will waste precious time and money unnecessarily. The next step is to convince your boss of the power of AR/AP automation.

Accounting automation is still an unfamiliar concept for some. This guide will equip you with the answers you need to pitch AR/AP automation software to your boss and convince them to make the investment.

What does AP and AR automation software do?

Accounts payable automation helps eliminate the manual data entry around making payments to your suppliers. It allows you to:

  • Scan invoices with the snap of a photo and sync them with your inventory system
  • Sync data to your accounting system when you pay a bill
  • Avoid high-interest fees by never missing a payment

AP automation is powerful for businesses that have a lot of suppliers.

AR automation can make your business’ processes faster and more accurate. With accounts receivable automation you can:

  • Schedule pull-payments for automatic payment
  • Securely store digital payment methods
  • Reconcile with your accounting software
  • Send automatic payment reminders
  • Send automatic payment info expiry update reminders
  • Consolidate payment and invoices into one platform
  • Enhance your current systems’ functionality

AR automation is a great fit for companies that send a lot of invoices.

Notch’s AR/AP automation integrates with your existing inventory, accounting, and ERP system to automatically update as you pay and get paid.

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We already have accounting/ERP software, how is this different?

Your boss might wonder why they should purchase an additional accounting software if you already have one. Explain that Notch is additive. Notch’s AR/AP software integrates seamlessly on top of your existing accounting/ERP software providing better functionality. Notch is the central tool that helps you update all your systems from one integrated platform.

Most accounting/ERP software doesn’t have the powerful automation features that help your team save time, reduce data entry errors and minimize late payments.

Is Notch Financial reputable? What are they like to work wit?

You can feel confident recommending Notch Financial to your boss. Notch is trusted by leading brands across North America, including The Butcher Shoppe, Ace Beverage Group, and Hops Connect Canada. Here’s what a few of our customers have to say about working with Notch:

“We had weekly meetings to go over any pain points and make sure everything was working. And when we had a question about what could be done with the tool, they were happy to either make the change when they could or let us know it was in progress. Information was always forthcoming and offered promptly, even if someone was on leave or away,”

-Kerstin Langmuir, Financial Analyst at Ace Beverage Group

“As soon as we reached out to Notch, they responded to us. Throughout the whole process, they were more than willing to put in the time and effort to get us onboarded and troubleshoot any issues for us. We had looked at working with a larger company, but having that one-on-one responsiveness was very important to us so that we could ensure our invoicing system was always at top-notch functionality. And the customer service at Notch is just very, very good.”

-Daniel Sharrat, Owner/Operator at Gladstone Brewing Company

What’s the ROI of using Notch’s automation software?

If your boss is wondering if Notch is worth the cost, explain that automation can deliver impactful business results like the ability to:

  • Reduce accounting labor costs
  • Eliminate the need to hire additional support as you scale
  • Reduce manual data entry errors
  • Improve your days sales outstanding (DSO) and cash conversion cycle (CCC)
  • Improve your balance sheet by reducing outstanding accounts receivables

Real results from using Notch:

Ace Beverage Group was able to process and manage credit card payments 5x faster and improve credit card payment collection by 80% after implementing Notch. Read how they did it.

Gladstone Brewing Company avoided needing to hire a dedicated accounting staff member as they scaled their business by leveraging Notch’s automation capabilities. Learn how.

How much does Notch cost?

Notch uses a customized, tiered pricing system to ensure that you only pay for what you use. Each tier includes a certain number of invoice credits. Additional credits can be purchased.

For AP, you can add-on unlimited EFT/ACH payments for a monthly fee. You can also add-on the Notch purchase ordering module for a monthly fee.

For AR, you can add on EFT/ACH payments for a fee.

You can save 10% with annual billing on both AP and are plans.

Our team is always happy to discuss custom pricing options for your needs.

How long does it take to get up and running?

“Not right now” is a common objection you might hear from your boss. There’s always something taking priority on an accounting team, whether it’s month-end, processing payroll or budgeting for the next fiscal year. That’s why Notch’s implementation specialists can work with you to get Notch up and running in under a week in most cases. It’s a simple process for everyone involved, including your boss!

Because Notch integrates with your current systems, you don’t have to drastically change your current workflows, making it easy to get up and running at any point during the year. Notch’s simple, minimalist interface makes it incredibly easy to pick up and get started with.

We also provide check-ins after implementation to answer any questions and help ensure successful adoption of the program!

Ready to chat with our team? We’re happy to walk your leadership through our platform and answer their questions. Book a time.