We’ve recently partnered with DigThisData, the reporting and sales management tool for breweries. DigThisData provides breweries access to incredibly powerful data about not only their own business but also the wider brewing industry in Ontario and across Canada, empowering them to grow their business using data-driven decision-making and strategies.

In celebration of data, we wanted to share some interesting insights from the team at DigThisData about Ontario craft beer industry trends. 

[All data in this blog is for the time period spanning February 2023 to February 2024]

What is the most popular type of alcohol in Ontario?

These days when you walk into a liquor store, you’ll see a ton of variety. From craft spirits and pre-mixed cocktails to craft beer and celebrity-branded wines. But which type of alcohol is the most popular locally in Ontario?

Wine is the front runner, making up 53% of sales. Where beer is the runner-up, making up 28% of sales. Following that, spirits were at 13% and ‘other’ at 6%. 

Let’s drill down a bit further on the most popular types of beer sold over the counter at the LCBO. Craft beer is by far the most popular, making up 52% of sales. Next, premium beer at 37% and mainstream beer at 11%. One thing is for sure, Ontarians love a more luxurious, elevated beer experience.

It’s important to note that there are other channels, like beer stores and grocery, that are not included here. Craft beer is the reigning champ at LCBOs because there are a ton of craft options available. If we were to zoom out to all channels, craft beer would make up a much smaller portion of sales due to the accessibility of mainstream beers.

What style of beer is most popular?

These days, beer lovers are spoiled for choice when it comes to styles of beer, but which styles stand out as the most popular by unit?

#1 – American IPA
#2 – New England IPA
#3 – American Pale Ale
#4 – American Lager
#5 – Bohemian Style Pilsner
#6 – German-Style Kölsche

(The first largest subset was actually “other”)

Are cans or bottles of beer more popular?

The experience of drinking a beer is just as important as the beer’s flavour itself, and one of those key factors is the beer container. Almost everyone has a preference for whether they prefer to drink a beer from a can or a bottle.

In Ontario, far more cans of beer are sold than bottles. This is to be expected, as cans are much cheaper to use for producers and more widely available.

Bottles, while less popular, do provide a more premium experience and are the favourite among many.

The rise of non-alcoholic beer in Ontario

It’s no secret that the popularity of non-alcoholic beers is on the rise. In the past year, demand for non-alcoholic beverages has exploded due to health trends, cracking down on impaired driving, and increasing awareness of alcohol addiction and dependency. 

Beer makers and the rest of the beverage industry have taken notice and are working hard to deliver great options. Over the past year, revenue from NA beer sales has increased by 42%, so there’s no doubt consumers are loving and opting for NAs. 

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